Sitemap - 2022 - The Focus Group (Ad-free)

Midnight Train (Back) to Georgia (with Greg Bluestein)

Thankful for Swing Voters (with Amy Walter)

Can There Be Another Star in Trump's Cinematic Universe? (with David Drucker)

What a Week!

Election Eve Weekend Nerd Spectacular

A Little Thuggishness Is Called For (with James Carville)

Arizona: Psychologically Unfun (with Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer)

Georgia: Ticket-Splitting On Our Mind (with Molly Ball)

He Scares the Crap Out of Me (with Holly Otterbein)

George Washington Wouldn't Tolerate Furries(with Charlie Sykes)

"Lesser of Two Evils" Drinking Game (with Natalie Allison)

What Happens in Vegas Won't Stay in Vegas (with Jon Ralston)

The Head vs the Heart in Big Ten Country (with Tim Alberta)

Make Politics Boring Again, Please

Vibe Check (with Tim Miller)

The Florida Man Thunderdome (with Marc Caputo)

Special Preview: Voters React to the News of the Mar-a-Lago Raid

Trump vs. The Pizza Place Senator (with Bill Kristol)

The Laughingstock of Wisconsin (with Charlie Sykes)

The Electable Election Deniers (with Tim Alberta)

Hope Dies Last (with Susan Glasser)

The Kids Are Alright-ish (with Peter Hamby)

Political Hunger Games (with David Axelrod)

Will Trump's Political Unicorns Stick With The GOP? (with Amy Walter)

Trump Voters Don’t Want Trump (with Amanda Carpenter)

Grumpy Old Men, Part II (2024, with Josh Kraushaar)

I Don’t Normally Cry in Focus Groups” (Roe, with Rachel Vindman)

Happy Pundit Accountability Day! (with Will Saletan)

The Devil Goes Down to Georgia (and Alabama, with Tim Miller)

The Pennsylvania Primary: The Dude, the Doctor, and a MAGA Queen (with Holly Otterbein)

Unfiltered and Uncut: Special Episode

Ohio: A MAGA Murderers’ Row (with Dave Weigel)

Andrew Yang: Will Trump and Biden Birth a Third Party?

The Asterisk Follows Us (with Dr. Ted Johnson)

Running in Mud (with Robert Gibbs)

When Bad Guys Think They’re Good Guys (with Rep. Adam Kinzinger)

It Just Didn’t Smell Right (with Benjamin Ginsberg)

The Truth is Somewhere In Between (with Dr. Leana Wen)

Babushkas with AK-47s (and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman)

Inflation? Ludicrous! (with Jonathan V. Last)

Who Has the Cojones? (With Mark McKinnon)