Great discussion with Amy Walter.

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Make sure Amy gets her jacket! She’s always a great guest- invite her as often as she’ll agree to have us :D

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Nov 26, 2022·edited Nov 27, 2022

Sarah's focus groups always disapproved of Biden due to his age & inability to communicate. Perhaps those unique problems "de-coupled" the younger, more articulate candidates from the president?

Thus, different from midterms when a major issue sinks the entire party (say, like Obamacare in 2010 etc.)

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Great after-action! Gotta "check the logs" as Ms Walter said.

Glad the voter propensity bore out.

Agree with the baseball analogy, especially with "defining your opponent early," and think RVAT can keep providing a key wedge. Mr Musk endorsing Brave Brave Sir Ronald of Florida shows the authoritarian movement is continuing. The elites wish to be unbound by the rules of mere mortals. Brave Brave Sir Ronald will prop up the politically connected and punish companies that write sternly worded letters. Gov Kemp took a sternly worded letter from Delta.


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