Midnight Train (Back) to Georgia (with Greg Bluestein)Listen now (44 min) |
Thankful for Swing Voters (with Amy Walter)Listen now (55 min) | The midterms have come and gone, and it turns out many of our focus groups were signs of things to come. Amy Walter…
Can There Be Another Star in Trump's Cinematic Universe? (with David Drucker)Listen now (49 min) | New episode alert.
What a Week!Listen now (2 min) | Sarah has a special message for Focus Group fans as we wait for the remaining election results.
Election Eve Weekend Nerd SpectacularListen now (70 min) | Instead of a focus group this week, Sarah sits down with four political super-nerds to get their read on Tuesday's election and…
A Little Thuggishness Is Called For (with James Carville)Listen now (44 min) | John Fetterman had a bad night in the Pennsylvania Senate debate, and an even worse night in our focus group — though this group…
Arizona: Psychologically Unfun (with Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer)Listen now (44 min) | New episode alert.
Georgia: Ticket-Splitting On Our Mind (with Molly Ball)Listen now (50 min) | Georgia is a closely divided state, but we're likely to see a lot of ticket splitters there this year - specifically a lot of…
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