How The Culture Wars Weren’t Won (with Jane Coaston)Listen now (63 min) | You've heard the terms "woke" and "cancel culture" for years now. No one seems to agree on what they mean, though — which is why our guest says the culture wars will keep morphing, and they'll go on forever. New York Times opinion writer Jane Coaston
The Voters Forgot God's Plan (with McKay Coppins)Listen now (48 min) | Ad-free edition.
"They" Sent This Tornado (with David French)Listen now (55 min) | Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a national divorce. We don't, but we asked our focus groups about it anyway. New York Times opinion…
It's Why They Play the Game (with Robert Gibbs)Listen now (57 min) | Voters that we talk to are iffy about Biden running for re-election given his age, but Republicans may have even larger…
DeSanctimonious Deep Dive (with Tara Palmeri)Écoutez maintenant (43 min) | New ad-free episode.
Biden's B12 Shot? (with Peter Baker)Listen now (49 min) | Ready or not, it looks like Joe Biden is running for re-election. Our swing voters liked his State of the Union speech this week…
Sleepwalking Toward Catastrophe? (with Whit Ayres)Listen now (48 min) | The Focus Group podcast is BACK, with a twist: We're releasing The Bulwark's first-ever poll of Republican primary voters where…
Midnight Train (Back) to Georgia (with Greg Bluestein)Listen now (44 min) |
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